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German to English translation for the REAL ESTATE sector

I specialise in translating the following types of real estate texts:

  • legal documents

  • marketing

  • due diligence & reporting 

Is your text is not in one of these categories? No problem! Get in touch and I let you know if I can help.

Why hire me?


I'm a translator with a real estate background. I worked as a commercial property lawyer in the UK for an international law firm for nearly 10 years, during which time I worked with a wide range of commercial clients to help them buy, sell, lease and manage their properties.


I'm analytical, commercial-minded and have a keen eye for detail because I know why it's important that your real estate document has just the right wording. You can also expect the same guaranteed confidentiality from me as you would from your lawyer.


Qualified as a solicitor in Scotland, England & Wales, I also spent a year studying German property law at the University of Hamburg and I take my continuous professional development seriously not just because I have to but because I have a genuine interest in the field.


I work with a wide range of clients, including:​

  • property investment companies & landlords

  • tenants & occupiers

  • hotel operators

  • law firms, notaries & in-house lawyers

  • marketing & translation agencies

Common document types

Legal Documents

  • leases

  • sale & purchase agreements

  • title deeds

  • court documents

  • board resolutions


  • brochures

  • prospectuses

  • websites

  • press releases

  • newsletters

Due Diligence & Reporting

  • legal reports

  • due diligence documents

  • financial reports

  • correspondence

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